Pass It Around

The 3rd full-length Matt Bunsen album, the first with Matt singing lead.  The tracks are all from the humorous side of the ledger, spanning classic rock, folk, country, and country/western styles.  Stone Cold Santa was  released on vinyl as a 7″ single, with I’m Yosemite Sam on the flip side.  Produced by Ted Wulfers

Pass It Around1. We All Gotta Get High
2. I’m Yosemite Sam
3. She Wouldn’t Screw Me
4. Angel
5. What Were They Thinking?
6. Stone Cold Santa
7. Ode To Bob Dylan
8. If I Were The President



Stone Cold Santa

Stone Cold Santa
I’m Yosemite Sam


Ted Wulfers, Tripp Beam, Craig Macyntire, Stefano Capobianco, Vickie Lynn Bunsen, Gia Ciambotti, Alexandra Jackson, Tyler Barabas, Matt Margucci, James Jacoby, Stephen Silbert


Bunsen Goes Viral

5 song EP released in 2011. Currently out of print.

Bunsen Goes Viral

1) Look On Up
2) Burning For You
3) Jessie
4) Drugs Make Me Happy
5) Life On The Road 2.1

Greatest Hits

Matt Bunsen and the Burners debut album, featuring both the east coast and west coast Burners.
Greatest Hits

1) Beer
2) Don’t Ask Why
3) Life On the Road 2.0
4) Hey Dia
5) Jessie
6) Ode to the Hitmen of Music Row
7) Trouble with Love
8 ) Sings
9) Drugs Make Me Happy
10) Ode to Mila Kunis
The physical (and digital) CD of Greatest Hits can be purchased in our store. All tracks are also available at iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody and other popular music services.

Porch Party – Volume 1

Live Recording. It’s the bands second full-length release documenting the 7-peice line-up from 2011-13. Covers by Ween, Buck Owens, and The Byrds.

porch party

1) Mr Spaceman
2) Fall Back On Your Heart
3) I’m Yosemite Sam
4) Simple But Not Easy
5) Inga D
6) Ode to the Hitmen of Music Row
7) What Deaner Was Talkin About
8 ) Burnin in a White Room
9 ) Yearning, Burning Heart
10) Life On the Road 2.1

The CD features the epic “I’m Yosemite Sam” which immortalizes the March 2010 Wikipedia entry about the infamous cartoon character, as well as Mel Blanc’s struggle with Sam’s voice.
Most songs can be downloaded for free in our store, and are available at eMusic and iTunes.

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