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Demo Content

Ode to Mila Kunis

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Matt Bunsen – Pass It Around

Matt Bunsen and the Burners

I’m Yosemite Sam
Live recording from Porch Party – Volume 1.[amazingaudioplayer id=”4″]

Jamband style. Vocals by Kristine O’Neill.[amazingaudioplayer id=”2″]

Hey Dia
Vocals by Todd Spahr. Alt-rock ala Gin Blossoms style.

Instrumental Music

Sage Thrasher
Placement: Ben & Jerry’s Factory Tour, Waterbury, VT.[amazingaudioplayer id=”5″]

Chromium Seaquarium
Placement: Discovery Channel “Dying to Please – the Dolphin Dilemma”
[amazingaudioplayer id=”7″]

Instrumental track recorded by Seks Bomba.[amazingaudioplayer id=”9″]

Jet City
Placement: One Life to Live.



Drugs Make Me Happy
International Songwriting Competition finalist.
Airplay by Dr. Demento.

Ode to Mila Kunis
From Matt Bunsen and the Burners – Greatest Hits.

Cal Tjader
Over 300,00 Youtube Views and 980,000 Pandora spins