Pass It Around

Pass It Around is the 3rd full-length Matt Bunsen album, the first with Matt singing lead.  The tracks are all from the humorous side of the ledger, spanning classic rock, folk, country, and country/western styles.  Stone Cold Santa was  released on vinyl as a 7″ single, with I’m Yosemite Sam on the flip side.

Produced by Ted Wulfers

Listen to excerpts here


Pass It Around1. We All Gotta Get High Stoner anthem or self-indulgent parody?  You decide…

2. I’m Yosemite Sam The most soulful wikipedia entry ever

3. She Wouldn’t Screw Me Just a sad, sad country song is what it is…

4. Angel The rocker of the bunch, based on a true story

5. What Were They Thinking? Did you ever wonder why people do stupid things?

6. Stone Cold Santa A cautionary tale about a remarkable man, set on Christmas Eve

7. Ode To Bob Dylan Epic tribute to the original William Shakespeare

8. If I Were The President Matt’s first political song



Stone Cold Santa


Stone Cold Santa

I’m Yosemite Sam




Ted Wulfers, Tripp Beam, Craig Macyntire, Stefano Capobianco, Vickie Lynn Bunsen, Gia Ciambotti, Alexandra Jackson, Tyler Barabas, Matt Margucci, James Jacoby, Stephen Silbert


Stefano CapobiancoJames JacobyGia CiambottiMatt MargucciTed Wulfers

Tripp BeamAlexandra Jackson