The Burners

Matt Bunsen and the  Burners

I started the Burners in 2008, and originally it was just me and anyone who happened to be at the bar that night.  It was fluctuating community of peace and love…  Eventually it grew into a 7-peice band, with the same lineup for many shows in a row.  (This does not often happen in LA – I was blessed!).
Matt Bunsen and the Burners

The “classic” lineup featured two very different but equally talented female lead singers – Vickie Lynn, and Promethia Bunsen…  another rarity.

Previous Burners:
Todd Spahr, Vickie Goodglick, Stefano Capobianco, Seth Freeman, Ted Wolfers, Doug and Annette Conlon, Tony Silbert, Mindy Willens,  Aaron Tap, Craig Macyntire, Micheal Eisenstien, Laurie Geltman, Jamie Varve, Tim Gilmore, Kay Hanley, Chris Cote, Lee Thornburg, Steve Silbert, Matt Margucci, LaVonn Jones, Heather White, that drunk guy at the Oyster House Saloon who “sat in”

Porch PartyMatt Bunsen and the Burners released two full-length CDs.  First their was “Greatest Hits” album – a mix of everything from all their albums that have’t come out yet, and then the live “Porch Party – volume 1” which features a live version of “I’m Yosemite Sam”
Greatest Hits


Quick facts

– Matt Bunsen and the Burners performed the first gig in November, 2009.

– Dr Demento included their song “Drugs Make Me Happy” on his final radio broadcasts.

– Matt Bunsen and the Burners performs a wide variety of cover tunes, all of which are either fun or funny.

– The typical lineup is seven pieces: 2 lead vocalists, acoustic guitar, bass, drums, mandolin, and keyboards/pedal-steel/accordion.

– Influences include Roger Miller, Ween, The Grateful Dead, The Byrds, Frank Zappa, Buck Owens, etc.

– The band loves interpreting Classic Rock tunes in the country style, including music by AC/DC, The Cars, The Beatles, The Who, Blue Oyster Cult etc.

– They also perform a variety of classic Americana covers and traditional folk tunes.

– The band has a theatrical element. Each show is dotted with several (often campy) ensemble numbers as well as an occasional comedy routine, resulting in a party-like atmosphere at all of their shows.

– Audiences enjoy the strong 3-part harmony on most of their songs.